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You Need A Strategy That Works! 

You Deserve To Have A Life That MATTERS!
It's Time To Step Up!



If you are absolutely serious about surviving,

thriving, becoming known, invited, included,

and transforming your life in 2021

There is no other program like this out there right now!

It seems everyone who says they want to help introverts upgrade their lives ends up trying to make us into extroverts.  

The truth is...

Introverts are NOT extroverts and shouldn't try to be extroverts!

We introverts have our own unique set of skills that we can use to step up, build powerful networks, live the life of our dreams and still stay true to our introvert nature.

I've been coaching shy, introverted and socially awkward people how to upgrade their lives and I'm damn good at it. What I mean clients get RESULTS!

What will you become? How will you change?


You will be more confident


You will be able to network in almost any situation


You will have access to the people and opportunities you never had before


You will have the ability to improve your life along all lines


Your workplace relationships will improve as well as opportunities for advancement


Your casual, social relationships will improve and grow stronger


You will learn how to really connect with people


I Believe This is The Best High Level Networking Course for Introverts in The World

for Those Who Are Serious About Achieving Lasting Change & Fast Results


  • Fact- You will learn to change your introversion from a weakness to a strength


  • Fact- Regardless of your past mistakes, you will learn the subtle art of high level networking in a matter of days


  • Fact- As a high level networker you will have access to people and opportunities that most people only dream of


  • Fact- Being great at networking gives you the ability to improve ALL areas of your life


  • Fact- You will learn the most effective way to network in any given situation so you will never be invisible again.  On the contrary, you’ll be known. 


  • Fact- I break down the process step by step in vivid detail for a smooth transition to get you from where you are now, to Master Networker.





Once you have this knowledge, your life can literally transform!

2021 WILL BE HUGE for people who know how to make REAL connections


I am personally so excited to show you the secrets and the “hacks” to raise your networking level because I love watching the tremendous progress my students make in such short periods of time!


Dear Introvert,


These are indeed exciting times to expand your social circle at a high level and be seen and known, while staying true to your introvert nature.


Imagine learning a skill that can change everything.  Your life, your business, your relationships can all be stronger and better simply by being a better networker and once you know how to do it, everything changes immediately and permanently FOR YOU!


I am aware that there are other people who teach networking and a few that teach networking for introverts.  They have cheap prices and will teach you standard networking techniques.


Cheap mentoring for High Level Introvert Networking makes as much sense as cheap surgery. 


Why should you listen to me?


I am in the trenches actually doing this, walking my talk daily. I have won and lost, gained and destroyed, made the mistakes and toasted the victories.  And over the past 20 years (I’m in my mid 40’s now) I’ve managed to perfect my blueprint for turning the handicap of being an invisible introvert into a very nice life and lifestyle. 

The network I’ve built using these principles is international, strong, and very high level. 

This has allowed me access to build absolutely wonderful friendships, be offered unique and rare opportunities of investment (financial and social), as well as being invited, included and “in the room” for exclusive high level events. Such as fashion shows, Polo matches, sail boat races, yachting, helicopter rides, intimate island escapes, car races, boxing matches. Etc. 

I’m not telling you that to show off, It’s my created reality through High Level Networking as an Introvert.


Here’s what I know…unless an introvert is guided, advised, trained and mentored by a real, experienced, time-proven Coach like myself who has been there, done that and made all the mistakes and can show step by step how to do it, it is a VERY long and difficult road with a very low success rate. 



As an introvert I was able to network myself into a brand new, high level life where I am known, welcome and respected.


Clients have flown me to other countries for my advice and guidance


Clients have flown from Europe and Central America to meet with me and work with me here in the USA


I’m known, included, consulted and invited when it counts and when it matters


I get more invitations to events than I could have ever dreamed of


I have access to many of the finer things in life and exclusive experiences


My most valuable asset is my network, my connections and my relationships with people


I always add as much value to my network as I possibly can. The more value I add, the more value comes back to me. 


Having a strong, solid, high level, international network is as good as being a “made man” in the mafia.  Except you don’t have to do anything illegal to get the benefits.  You simply have to use being an introvert to your advantage and level up your networking.

Once you do, you will have a trusted “family” that understands you, respects you and supports you.

I have it, you can have it too.

After 20 years of dialing in and perfecting turning being an introvert into an advantage for high level networking, I feel I can honestly say I have the ingredients that can support my claims and take an introvert step by step from where they are, to building a strong network of their own which will allow them to truly connect with others, open new experiences and opportunities that they would never have been able to access before.


My program for Introverts is Very Different to what you’ve Probably Seen.


It’s not enough just to be good.  Good gets in the way of GREAT. 

I’m going to take you by the hand and reveal things I never reveal about this secret little world.

Obviously my very best, closely guarded methods and techniques are things I don’t share with just anybody.  But for my students I make an exception.


I will teach you about mindset.  I will teach you about perception and positioning. 

I will show you how to network a life you can be PROUD of.


And although networking techniques change bit by bit as years pass, I’m going to show you how to quickly adapt and transition so easily that you’ll have wished you had mentored with me years ago.


I’m excited for you!




This is High Level Networking training specifically for introverts like you’ve never seen or experienced before


Even Extroverts have come to me for help


Corporate trainers have come to me for advice


Introverts who are already great at networking have come to me for ADVANCED information


Look, I’ve been around the world and lived a very full, happy, exciting, adventurous, rich life all as a result of high level networking. And my big breakthrough was like yours when I got frustrated and tired of being invisible and living in the shadows. Through studying social dynamics and observing how other people network I was able to see what they did wrong and what they did right.  Through trial and error, I was able to put together the blueprint I used to walk away from being a normal introvert  into being a Connected Introvert.  I never looked back!


Become a Connected Introvert

Get trained by the very best

Share the Mind and Mindset of a true Networking veteran

Train with a Connected Introvert with over 20 years of highly respected experience who knows what it’s like to be one of the quiet ones in the back that nobody notices and who knows what it’s like to be KNOWN and how to get here from there.


I have a history of successfully training Introverts to Network at a High Level


You can be so much more and you know it


Out of all the networkers I’ve met, I don’t think there is ONE that knows, understands and has hacked the networking scene the way I have.

The amazing ability to be able to create real and lasting change through building strong connections with people and adding value is huge!  And it can happen so fast that it often leaves me stunned.


Would you like to get on board with me and be trained to do something incredible, new and life-changing?


I’m going to show you how to still be an introvert and rock the networking scene using pure genius techniques.


 “how much is it?” “is it worth it?”


My Premium Trained Connected Introvert Students make REAL connections and experience REAL results that make a MASSIVE change in the quality of their lives. 

They get a better work environment, get promoted, get salary raises, and get job offers from other companies in their field. 

They get invited to exclusive events. 

They get known. 

And being known is GREAT for an introvert because then people invite YOU, include YOU, consult YOU so you don’t have to do it, they come to YOU.


Remember, my techniques are nothing like the other networking coaches teach. 


I will show you EVERYTHING I know, support you, guide you, hold your hand, help you level up.  I will reveal and teach you everything I know.


You are getting the mind and the skills of a very introverted, self-made, high level networker who has been doing this for over 20 years.


Think about this.


How many times have you attended an event and just stood around?  In your mind you would play through the scenario of what you would like to do but you don’t actually do that.  You just remained one of the quiet ones, one of the invisible. 


Or you made an attempt to make some connections or meet a certain person and your attempt fell flat.

You pretty much wasted your time.


Or maybe you did connect and it went well but you came up short when it was time to follow up.


Or perhaps you wanted to go out but you never left the house because where would you go anyway?

And hate leaving the house.


FYI…I hate leaving the house too! And I’m going to show you how to get past that as well.


I’m going to explain why and show you exactly how to do it. 


You are not alone, I’ve got your back


All you need are some skills:


How to use being an introvert to your advantage


How to find and attend the right events


How to get on the invite list to the best events


What to do before attending a social gathering


How to be known before you arrive


How to carry yourself in the room


Where to position yourself at the event


Who do you really need to talk to? (it’s not who you think)


What do you say?


How to make sure you are remembered


How to leave the event


How to follow up


How to maintain and strengthen your relationships


And how to repeat this process and let it grow on its own


This is the ONLY introverts master mentorship in advanced High Level Social Networking

the only one.


…I walked out feeling like Royalty


Many years ago when I first started this journey of practicing my networking as an introvert, a co-worker invited me out to a cigar bar for drinks and a smoke.


I arrived early and took a seat at the bar to wait for him.


There was a live jazz band playing that evening and they were really impressive.  The place was full but not packed and I scanned the crowd.


My co-worker texted and said he wasn’t going to be able to make it so I was going to have to go it alone.


I thought in my mind “I should have stayed at home because what am I supposed to do now?” I looked around the room and thought “If I weren’t so shy and introverted I would want to get to know the band and also there is a lovely girl in the corner that I would like to have a chat with as well.  But, I think I’m just going to sit here and do nothing.”


Then I remembered, Oh wait! I know how to do this. I can do this.  All you need to know is the right steps to follow right? I realized I knew the steps and just needed to apply them.

That applies to all social scenarios, you just need to know what to do.  And then do it. (For us shy/socially awkward people, the steps are different than for "regular people")


I started by breaking the ice and connecting with the bartender.

Next with the help of the bartender I met the owner of the bar and formed a bond with him.

Then the owner introduced me to the band.

At that point I was able to gesture over to the beautiful woman that I was afraid to talk to at the beginning and she came and joined us.


When I left the bar that evening, I had the contact info of the bartender, the owner, the band (with an invite to their next show and an offer to play a private gig at my home) and I also had the contact information of the beautiful woman who turned out to be a professional ballerina and a pair of free tickets to come see her show!


I walked out feeling like royalty.  It was a productive evening.


That’s when I knew for sure my method when applied properly can allow shy, introverted people like myself to have “super powers” to build connections quickly.


It was ridiculous


After this started happening more often, some of my friends and acquaintances started asking me if I could give them some tips.  They had seen what I was able to do and how far I’d come from the days when I was just sitting around invisible.  They wanted in on it too!


So, without thinking too much about it, I threw together a few tips that I knew would most likely have a big impact and shared them with my friends.


One wanted to be able to connect better in the work place.  He was not only able to make better and stronger connections at work but was offered a promotion and accepted it at a substantial raise. 


One wanted to use it to be able to talk to women.  Now, I am not a pickup artist by any stretch of the imagination but yes, my techniques will allow you to be able to talk to more women.  My friend had more success in being around more women and talking to them in the following 3 months than he had his whole life before that.


I had a female client who wasn’t even an introvert, she was an extrovert real estate agent who wanted to be able to rapidly build connections and expand her social network with the belief that it would have the result of her being able to ultimately sell more houses and enhance her social life as well.  Using my tips and techniques, her social network grew massively and her real estate sales went through the roof, plus her social life took a large step up as well.


Then there was a guy who saw that I get invited to a lot of really cool exclusive events.  That’s the world he wanted to be in as well. So he asked me how to be a part of that world.  It is a lot easier than it seems and he applied what I told him and now he goes to even more events than I do!


Again, I’m not telling you this to show off, I’m simply telling you what happened.


Listen, there was a time in my life when I could only dream about stuff like this, now this is my life. 

I networked myself a new life. 

I created a life on my own terms. 

I have a lot of fun and my relationships are very fulfilling.


All the odds were stacked against me.  I had been an introvert for so long.  I didn’t know where to go.  I didn’t get invites.  I didn’t have anyone to show me what to do or how to do it.  I was just an invisible guy with a small group of others like me in which to hang out in the shadows with. 

And yet I ended up as a very well connected, respected, known, international guy.

Now, while living my best life, I show others how to do the same.


I get a lot of pleasure by showing people how to do this.  Being an introvert myself I know what it’s like to be invisible, not invited, not included, not consulted.  I know what it’s like to live in the shadows so I really get a rush out of seeing one of my students hit the world running and open up their life through these awesome underground networking strategies.



You Can Learn How To Master Networking As An Introvert FASTER Than You EVER Thought Possible!


Despite the fact I don’t know you personally, I will say yes you can become a Master Networker based on what I have done myself.  And not only what I have done but what my students have done over the years.


They all had one thing in common.


They were tired of living in the shadows and wanted to find a way out, they wanted to step it up.

They just didn’t know how.


I can show you how to filter through the B.S. and give you the techniques in easy to understand blocks that you can apply immediately for results that you can see right away.


It isn’t as hard, as tough or as complicated as you might think.

In fact, everything you need to know about High Level networking and networking in any scenario that I’ve learned over the past 20 years, I will share with you during this coaching program.


The training I will share with you is so advanced, so specialized and so unique that if you apply it, you cannot fail to see a massive shift in your ability to excel in social networking environments. 


I had to learn it all from scratch, but you don’t.  However you do have to start. 

Let me take you on a short-cut to get to the level you want to be at, that you know you should be at.


Yes, being an introvert is a handicap and can really restrict your lifestyle, options and opportunities.  Being able to turn that from a handicap into an advantage and learning High Level Networking effectively can change everything for you like it did for the students above and myself.  It can give you whatever you need in life.  Not all networkers hit it out of the park but all of my students do make significant progress. 

Just imagine if you could change everything in your life over the next 12 months.  Then imagine yourself doing what you want, with people that you enjoy being around who enjoy and respect you as well. 


That’s exactly what I have done for years and show you how you can do the same.


I’ve traveled around the world, crewed a sailboat in a regatta, danced the night away at a private event in Cuba, attended championship polo matches, sat front row at fashion shows, went on exclusive rum tours in the Dominican Republic, been extended many job offers, dined with the political elite in several countries and built a better, stronger relationship with my family.


I can show you how to do it too, or any level of it that appeals to your personal situation.


Like you, I started at the beginning.  I understand big changes and will show you the smoothest and easiest transition from where you are to where you want to be.


So how is your life and your job right now?


Do you feel you need more from your life?

Are you sick of being invisible and living in the shadows? 

Or are you tired of being overlooked? 

Tired of not having access to the people, events and opportunities that you feel you should be able to access?


Do you like the idea of being able to slowly or quickly build a strong local, national or international network of people that you actually like and enjoy being around who feel the same about you?


Do you like the idea of making REAL connections, building REAL friendships and upgrading your life?

Knowing you will always be able to handle yourself and excel in whatever social event you may find yourself at and being known, included, respected and invited.


This can be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself


Let’s Talk Money – Your Investment

-I'm not cheap-

I'm the best at what I do, which is get my clients life changing results quickly!

Plus, I don’t work with anyone I’m not 100% sure I can help.

I’m really good at helping dial in certain personality types. So what I do isn’t for everyone.

We'll get on the phone and have a quick call and see where you're at and where you desire to be.

If I discover that what you want to do is outside my wheelhouse, I’ll do my best to refer you to someone who can help with your particular situation.

This isn’t a marketing ploy, I actually will only work with you if I know I can help you for sure and we feel it’s a good fit. 

I want people I would actually like to have in my own network, my own social circle.

Because if I coach you, you will be a part of my own personal network and I a part of yours. 

So if it's a good fit and I'm positive I can get you results, I'll make you an offer. 

OK, so what do you get in my mentor program?


You are Investing in a New Way to Design Your Life


With my High Level Networking for Introverts Mentor Program you get skills that are not only with you for life but skills that could transform your life, your career, your relationships, your everything.


I do not believe anyone else can show you the techniques I’m going to teach you because they simply do not have the experience I have.


When you learn a skill that can transform your life and make it significantly better, it is hard to put a price on that.


I only want you to commit if you feel you can spare a couple of hours weekly and promise to commit yourself to learning and actually apply what I teach you


I only want you to commit if you understand I cannot save you or your life, I can only share with you what has served me well over the past couple of decades.


I only want you to join me if you need change, want change and are happy to be an open learner and listener and will practice what I teach you.


My reputation is strong. I know what I teach works and has worked for many students of mine over the years.  I know what I teach has built me a life that others would kill for. 


I know the information I am going to share with you could change your life because it has changed my students’ lives over the years.  It is highly valuable training and the kind of training you simply won’t get anywhere else.


And by the way, I’ve made this specifically for introverts because I am one and I understand how WE are and operate.  But even extroverts also get tremendous value out of this training.


  • MY COACHING  IS FASTER: Get there faster, quicker and avoid long useless journeys that end in results you just didn’t want

  • MY COACHING IS PROVEN: I have dozens of happy students who are now friends of mine and are absolutely kicking ass, building world class networks.

  • MY COACHING IS SAFER: My guidance reduces any risk dramatically and increase your success opportunities by harnessing only tested and proven strategies or tactics

  • MY COACHING IS GUARANTEED: I guarantee to deliver you exactly what you need, when you need it and even show you how and when to use your new skills


Are you ready to take a faster more proven route? If so I am ready to help you.

Work with me and I expect you to experience one of those moments in your life where the results you get are far beyond anything you expected.

Get started Networking a New Life!


YES Nick! I am ready to move forward. I want everything and more that you talked about. 

I am convinced you are the one to help me with my goal of networking a new life. 


Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now.  Click the "Book A Call" button below to get started!

I am very excited to be helping you, guiding you and teaching you to network your new life. 

Here's to your wonderful future!


~Nick Shelton


“I can’t argue with the results, I wanted to learn to build a stronger network within my industry and Nick came through with tips and techniques I could put to use right away and I’m very satisfied with what I’ve been able to accomplish with his guidance”

-Matt M.


“Nick helped me out of a very tough situation.  I’m still shy and very introverted but I have been able to build a stronger and more influential network simply by following the simple steps and plan he laid out for me. I’m grateful”

-Edward H.


“Nick is unusually good at maintaining his relationships and I’m trying to do the same, so with his help I’m making progress”

-Jason S.


“I’ve never seen anyone approach networking like Nick before. It’s unique but totally relatable and geared toward the needs of introverts.  And it works, I guess that’s the bottom line, IT WORKS!”

-Jen M.


“Nick’s approach to networking is practical, down to earth and for people like us.  You can tell that he’s been in the struggle and it’s a real blessing that he is sharing his knowledge so that others can reproduce the results that he has enjoyed.  The way he explains it is so easy to absorb, understand and apply, It's great to have him as a part of my network.

-Steven L.


"The coaching feels like it is logical and moves from the intent to the method quite seamlessly. I like how you explain the concept from the identification of your barriers and then moving on to how to get on the lists and then to where I am now, the actual method of showing up. I think this is super valuable. I already feel like I learned something and have used it today quite a bit just within my environment. Giving the students something to visually think about was a really great way to remember how to be and act. It certainly stuck quite well in my head. I am excited to keep it going!"

-Shane B

~Solutions That Work For Introverts~
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