High Level Networking for Introverts Course

So...What do you learn from 20 years of fine-tuning the craft of effective high-level social strategy and networking as an introvert?



And that's what I want to share with you today. I've essentially condensed 20 years of, in the trenches, real world tested, high level networking tactics into an 8 module video course.


Using the 80/20 Principle I've focused only on the type of tactics and skills that truly matter. Meaning you don't have to wade through all the bullshit trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. I've done all the leg work for you and know EXACTLY what you need to do to see results in your own life very quickly.  


High level networking skills that work are probably the single-most valuable skill you can have to improve your life and lifestyle fast. Yet so few people have actually mastered the art. 


They think networking is about handing out business cards at events they’re not interested in, in order to meet people they don’t want to meet. Plus they think they must somehow become an extrovert in order to be good at it.


Well the good news is that's a bunch of bullshit. Introverts are NOT extroverts and shouldn’t try to act like them. You can network like a BOSS while still keeping true to your introvert nature with no business cards or lame events required.


All you need to understand is a few key principles. Then use those principles while following the proven path that I lay out for you.


So how can you learn these key principles, social skills and high level networking secrets I've discovered, and get your hands on the proven path to building a successful high level network?


I've taken everything I've ever learned about comfortably and confidently networking, plus all the knowledge I gained from building a strong, high end, international social circle and condensed it into an 8 module crash course called High Level Networking for Introverts. 


Could you learn all this on your own? Maybe. It's possible but I doubt it...


You could go out into the community and build your skills by networking event to event and learn from your mistakes as you go.  You could observe people in different social situations from the ground floor to very exclusive events and learn what works and what doesn’t. And of course, you can also learn through trial and error how to maintain what you’ve built and hold it all together.  


OR you can take this course and learn all of this while I hold your hand through the process as you build your own high end social network and delight in stronger more fulfilling relationships with friends, colleagues, associates and lovers. Plus get the tricks I’ve learned to allow you to have the correct body language and mannerisms automatically so you don’t have to memorize anything.  You’ll appear confident, comfortable and approachable no matter what social setting you are in.


Here's just some of what you'll learn inside:

  • How to use being an introvert to your advantage


  • How to find and attend the right events


  • How to get on the invite list to the best events


  • What to do before attending a social gathering


  • How to be known before you arrive


  • How to carry yourself in the room


  • Where to position yourself at the event


  • Who do you really need to talk to? (it’s not who you think)


  • What do you say?


  • How to make sure you are remembered


  • How to leave the event


  • How to follow up


  • How to maintain and strengthen your relationships



Here's What You'll Receive When You Get

High Level Networking for Introverts:

  • A self-paced 8 module video course that compiles my 20 years of in the trenches trial and error to hone this down to what actually works for you to see results quickly in upgrading your life and lifestyle.

  • Membership in our private Facebook group to ask questions, share success stories and be a part of a group of like-minded individuals who share the same struggles as you and are in the process of elevating and upgrading themselves like you are. (It's a pre-built network)



All you have to do is hit the Enroll Now button below to get all of this right now.


Here's my guarantee:

I'm not offering a guarantee...at least not in the "traditional" sense. I don't believe in them. A guarantee gives you a way to back out from achieving what you want. It allows you to give up on something that you want to achieve.


Not having guarantee means you have to "burn the ships" so to speak. You MUST take action because there is no other option.


That being said, here's what I AM offering. If you actually DO the exercises and follow the course and it doesn’t give you awesome results, just show me what you've done, and I'll GLADLY refund you every penny.


...I haven't had a single refund yet. 


You see, most of the time we want people to make guarantees to us. But we aren't willing to make guarantees to ourselves. 


I'm doing this because I truly believe it's the best way to ensure you succeed. I know how it’s easy to just refund something because you're too scared to actually take action. And I offer that guarantee because I KNOW that you can't do these exercises and NOT become a kick-ass networker who excels in social situations and upgrades your life. 


Look, this works. I know it does. Everyone who's been through the course and done the exercises knows it does. 


You're covered if you DO THE WORK. It's time to take action and assume responsibility for your own success. 

I'm here to help guide you on the path and give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. 


So take action and get the High Level Networking for Introverts course today!



Why develop your networking and social skills in the first place?


  • You’ll be better at your business

  • You’ll make more money

  • You’ll have access to opportunities

  • You’ll have access to people

  • You’ll be eligible for promotions

  • You’ll have a better family connection

  • You’ll have stronger, more fulfilling relationships

  • You’ll have more and higher quality friendships

  • You’ll have the right connections

  • It’s a natural anti-depressant

  • You will be seen, known and remembered

  • You will have a place at the table

  • You will be more confident

  • Your life will improve along all lines

  • You will level up

  • You’ll make REAL connections

  • You’ll build Real Relationships

  • Upgrade your life and lifestyle

Here is what people are saying...

“I can’t argue with the results, I wanted to learn to build a stronger network within my industry and Nick came through with tips and techniques I could put to use right away and I’m very satisfied with what I’ve been able to accomplish with his guidance”

-Matt M.


“Nick helped me out of a very tough situation.  I’m still shy and very introverted but I have been able to build a stronger and more influential network simply by following the simple steps and plan he laid out for me. I’m grateful”

-Edward H.


“Nick is unusually good at maintaining his relationships and I’m trying to do the same, so with his help I’m making progress”

-Jason S.


“I’ve never seen anyone approach networking like Nick before. It’s unique but totally relatable and geared toward the needs of introverts.  And it works, I guess that’s the bottom line, IT WORKS!”

-Jen M.


“Nick’s approach to networking is practical, down to earth and for people like us.  You can tell that he’s been in the struggle and it’s a real blessing that he is sharing his knowledge so that others can reproduce the results that he has enjoyed.  The way he explains it is so easy to absorb, understand and apply, It's great to have him as a part of my network.

-Steven L.


"The coaching feels like it is logical and moves from the intent to the method quite seamlessly. I like how you explain the concept from the identification of your barriers and then moving on to how to get on the lists and then to where I am now, the actual method of showing up. I think this is super valuable. I already feel like I learned something and have used it today quite a bit just within my environment. Giving the students something to visually think about was a really great way to remember how to be and act. It certainly stuck quite well in my head. I am excited to keep it going!"

The offer

You get my 20 years of condensed knowledge of in the field trial and error, learning the hard way so you don't have to "High Level Networking for Introverts" Video course that will help you upgrade your social skills, life and lifestyle faster than you ever imagined possible.

Usually $597 but for a limited time I'm offering it for $397

I'm almost insulted to offer it for that price because I know how much value it can and will add to your life and it is easily worth over 10X that.  But I also want it to be within financial reach for those who need and can benefit from it most. So...

Get it now before I change my mind.

Remember, having the skills to build relationships that matter means you will never have to be alone again unless it's by choice.  You will have high level mentors, friends, associates and lovers. 

It's the closest thing to being a "made man"(or woman) in the mafia but without the criminal element.

Everything I teach you is moral, ethical and legal but you will have the privileges of a BOSS.

It's all here waiting for you...

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